Soccer Net Junior


Product Features:

  • Professionally made junior size soccer goal net that is designed to stop anything that comes at it.
  • Built from durable 280 denier polyethylene twisted twine, this net has a strong resistance from cracking engineered to handle any climate.
  • This soccer goal netting was specifically designed to suit Australian junior regulation size goals (2m wide x 1m high), ensuring a great fit.
  • Built with durability in mind, this net is weatherproof and built to last against harsh outdoor conditions, so your players can keep their focus on the field
  • This junior net will have your goals looking their best and be sure to meet the needs of even the most demanding teams.
  • Sold as a pair, so you can upgrade your nets at both ends of the field.




  • 5.0m x 2.0m x 0.60m x 1.3m
  • Sold as a pair
  • 280D/81 Ply PE Tw. M. White

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 50 cm