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We supply high-quality nets & posts for schools, recreation centres, clubs, councils and homes. We specialize in all types of netting and posts, including, soccer, tennis, lacrosse, cricket, hockey, volleyball, baseball, softball, basketball and golf, as well as manufacturing scramble nets, safety net, animal enclosure nets and anti-bird netting. Our tennis nets come with the recommendation of Tennis SA.


Quin Sports and Nets manufacture custom made netting to your specifications, including the design, manufacture and installation, from start to finish. Adopting a Quality Management System has helped us establish ourselves as market leaders in our field and our aim is to maintain this through providing quality goods and satisfaction to customers.

  • Tradition with Innovation

    Quin Sports opened its doors in 1961 and was started by Hugh Quin It supplied clubs, schools and sportsmen with a wide range of sports equipment. During the first few decades of the company’s history, it focused on supplying domestic and foreign coast fishing fleets and ocean-going fishing vessels with fishing nets and ropes of all kinds. We also operated Quin Canvas Goods, winning Government and Army tenders for covers and tents and supplying the fishing fleets with sails before the invention of inboard and outboard motors in 1920. The development of sporting equipment for gymnasiums, sports complexes and stadiums has steadily increased with improvement in the venues and focus on individual’s performances and their equipment.

  • State of the Art Manufacturing Techniques

    Quin Sports are the suppliers of the world’s most advanced netting from knotless to knotted. All nets are made from the highest UV rating for protection in the Australian climate. Assembly techniques have been gained from experience in the deep-sea fishing industry. We invest in the latest machinery to maintain a high-quality product at competitive prices.

  • Services

    Planning – Quin’s staff offer a free planning service to work closely with customers, architects and builders in the planning process to overcome design concerns and tailor our equipment to suit any application.

  • Professional Installation

    Quin’s maintain a professional team of experts with many years of installation experience. We provide this service worldwide and have worked as far as USA, Mexico, Singapore and United Arab Emirates.

  • Maintenance

    Quin Sports and Nets understand the need for our equipment to last as long as possible. We run an in-house maintenance service on all equipment we sell, the advantage of this being many more years of usage as we can repair worn or damaged equipment before the cost of repair outweighs the cost of replacement.



Sales and product development


Nobody has been manufacturing sports and industrial netting products in South Australia longer than Adam Quin. He has also project managed many of the largest and most complex sports and industrial netting jobs in the state. He started his career at Quin Marine in 1985. Adam also has a strong pedigree as his father and grandfather owned Quin’s Sports Store in the 60’s and Quin’s Sailmakers and Canvas in the 70s. The combined experience of sailmaking, rigging and commercial net making, make him an expert within the industry.

This is why Adam is regularly called on for advice from Engineers, Architects, Schools and Clubs.



Russell had a background in construction of wholesale building materials before joining the Quin Sports & Nets team in 2015. His love of sports is particularly evident with his support of Australian Rules Football and his ability on the field of baseball. He was also Baseball South Australia 2016 Coach of the year. Over the years, Russell’s attention to detail on large and complex projects has seen him become a leader in his field of work.

Russell Hart

Operation Manager

Jacqui joined the company in 2014. Jacqui is often the first point of contact for our customers and will ensure that the design, manufacturing and installation of our customer products run smoothly. She has a wealth of knowledge about all our product.

Jacqui Bryant

Sales and Administration


  • Your Quality is Assured

    At Quin Sports and Nets we manufacture our products to the highest industry standards.

  • Lower Price from Greater Buying Power

    We are the largest supplier of netting products in South Australia. We buy netting by the container load and consequently, we manufacture at low prices, passing the advantage of buying in bulk on to you.

  • Years of Experience at Your Disposal

    Quin’s is a family owned company that has been in business for over 100 years. We have been supplying sports equipment for over thirty years. We can offer years of experience to consult on any projects to complete a system that best suits your needs.

  • Back-Up Service Improves the Life of the Systems

    Quin’s team of Net Makers offer a service facility on all the products we sell. Our team are able to travel Australia wide and can offer service contracts on net systems. This can greatly improve the life of the systems you buy from us.

  • Innovation in New Materials through Testing and Measuring

    We test our products for strength and durability and are constantly on the lookout for the highest quality. We test rope and twine for strength and elongation on our digital test machine. Ultraviolet breakdown and durability of products are tested in the field to ensure products can stand the Australian weather.

  • In House Production and a Long List of Projects to Compare and Evaluate

    Our staff is in control of all aspects of the net systems we sell. We do not outsource any aspect of the systems we sell. The benefit to you is, we have greater control of quality from product development, to purchase of the highest quality materials, production, distribution and installation.
    We have a comprehensive list of satisfied customers from all states and territories who we have satisfied by systems that solve problems associated with the particular venues.

  • Long Guarantees Mean Worry Free Use For Many Years

    We offer a three-year warranty on all manufactured indoor netting systems and hardware, guaranteeing many years of trouble free service.

  • Fast Production and Large Stocks

    With our manufacturing and stock holding facility in Adelaide, we have the capacity to handle large orders at short notice and because we carry the stock, we can deliver orders faster than our competitors at any time of the year.

  • Reduced labour Costs with the latest Technology

    The purchase of two netting machines from Europe means we can make nets five times faster than by hand, greatly reducing the labour cost of production. This benefits you because we can offer better prices on some of the most labour intensive jobs.