About This Project

New Stratco $6 million dollar warehouse facility is nearing completion at Dry creek. One of Adelaide’s business successes stories, Stratco ordered Quin’s bird exclusion netting as one of its pest control measures. Quin Sports and Nets received the order to install netting to the underside of the loading dock. The netting will save money in the long run by preventing birds nesting in the rafters. It is often a cost-effective solution to bird infestations that once get hold cost the building owners thousands of dollars each year. The netting was erected last week using a ten metre high scissor lift to an area of 10 metres wide x 70 metres long.

This was a team effort between Quins Sports and Nets and Roof Max who installed the Stratco roof sheets.

The complex is due for commissioning next week.

Quins Sports and Nets import bird exclusion netting and wholesale it through a network of distributors in the pest control industry. We have sold over 40,000 square metres in the last 12 months alone.

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