Hay Netting Adelaide

Why would you need our hay netting Adelaide?

Our slow feed hay netting Adelaide is the ideal solution to helping you manage your feed for a number of reasons. If you’re unfamiliar with the way slow feeding works, our nets basically hold bundles of hay for horses to slowly consume throughout the day. There are several advantages that come with using this method for your feeding, including:

  • Enables regulated feed consumption
  • Keeps everything compact to minimise wastage
  • Facilitates slow feed delivery which is healthier for your horse
  • Reduces the level of maintenance
  • Minimises fighting over feed
  • Your horses will never go hungry.

Once your nets have been supplied, you can either set them up yourself or have our team come out to assist. The Quin Sports and Nets staff will work closely with you to customise the right solution for your hay netting Adelaide. We can also ship our products absolutely anywhere!

Hay Netting Adelaide for horses and live stock

About our advanced netting systems

At Quin Sports & Nets, we utilise state of the art manufacturing techniques to ensure your hay netting Adelaide retains its structure long-term. The assembly techniques we use derive from our experience in the deep-sea fishing industry. They’re designed and treated to withstand some of the toughest external conditions, including UV damage. Knots are also hard set in place to ensure the nets maintain their formation. As our techniques and methods have developed, we’ve invested in the most advanced machinery on the market to guarantee a value for money product that will exceed the expectations. Furthermore, our team extend our support by offering repair and maintenance services to patch up any unexpected damage to avoid costly replacements. As a performance-focussed team, you can rest assured that you’ll get plenty of use out of your hay netting Adelaide to make feed maintenance easy. Discuss your needs with the team today!

Who are Quin Sports & Nets?

Quin Sports & Nets are the industry leaders in sports, industrial, commercial and hay netting Adelaide. For a bit of insight into the history of our business, we’re a family owned and operated company that has been around since the 1920’s. The Quin brand all started with the supply of fishing nets and ropes to outbound fleets and vessels. In 1961, the business eventuated into a sports supply company to cater to the growing demand for premium sporting nets. This side of the business was developed by Hugh Quin, who developed a network of positive working relationships with a number of schools, sporting clubs and individual sportsmen. The business is now Directed by his grandson, Adam Quin, who is renowned in the industry for his level for expertise. Adam has contributed to the success of some of Australia’s best sporting facilities; assisting architects and engineers to optimise functionality.

If you’re looking for a better alternative to the traditional gorge and starve cycle that can impact your horse’s health, try our hay netting Adelaide. The system is designed to keep your horse happy, while reducing the level of maintenance required! Call Quin Sports & Nets on (08) 8447 3577 today.