Why we’re the best at Netting

Why we’re the leaders in netting

Our netting systems are incredibly versatile to provide the best user experience attainable. Not only are they customised to meet your needs, but we can also design them to be interchangeable for multi-sport use. Within minutes, you can adjust your nets to fit a completely different structure by simply gathering the net. Our nets can even be joined together to span across larger areas if necessary. They’re lightweight, compact to store, easy to transport and retain their structure due to our innovative methods of product. Our nets are chemically treated to resist against UV damage, and even the knots are hard-set in-house to ensure the formations doesn’t warp over time. But even if you start noticing signs of inevitable wear and tear, we provide repairs services to save you the expense of re-purchasing. Our netting is a worthy investment for sporting facilities and clubs who want the most economical solution!

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Addressing some of the common customer queries

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of our netting business. We promptly respond to all your enquiries and listen closely to your needs to achieve the ideal custom result. Here are some common questions that might apply to you:

  1. If I cut my net, will it fray? No—our netting is a knitted fabric that is manufactured using lock stitch construction. This gives it a firm structure and prevents fraying!
  2. How do I go about getting a quote? We have professional sales staff who come out to your location to provide a measure and quote. We can send our team to any part of Australia and have even worked internationally.
  3. Can I try before I buy? Absolutely. We have a warehouse facility located in Port Adelaide, and we welcome our customers to come out and scope out the range before buying.

Who are we and what are we all about?

The Quin name is one of the most established in the netting industry. Our experience as a family run business dates back to the 1920s; supplying fishing fleets and vessels with premium ropes and netting. In 1961, Hugh Quin established Quin Sports which developed to become a leading manufacturer of sports, industrial and commercial nets Australia-wide. The company is now Directed by the grandson of Hugh, Adam Quinn, who is a well-known expert in the field. He’s been approached by various architects, engineers and sporting professionals to help them create economical solutions that help enhance performance, productivity and safety across multiple industries. We use state of the art European machinery that manufacturers nets five times as quick as hand-sewn products. This equipment also leaves customers with a more reliable product. Furthermore, you can reach out to us for any repair services down the track to maintain your nets.

Are you looking to invest in the most economical, durable and reliable netting in the business? Contact Quin Sports & Nets and we’ll start customising the ideal solution for you. Call us on (08) 8447 3577 or send us an email to kick-start the process today!