Soccer Net Junior – P Shape goals


Product Features:

  • Designed specifically for P-Shape junior soccer goals, this premium net is a perfect addition to any school or club pitch.
  • Built from 2.5mm twisted white polyethylene that offers superior resistance against UV and rotting, these replacement nets are perfect for outdoor conditions.
  • The tightly twisted twine combined with 120mm square mesh means this net is ready to stop even the hardest shots.
  • Measuring¬†19ft x 6.6ft (2m x 5m), the net is a perfect fit for any regulation P-shaped junior goal.
  • Sold as a pair, these nets will improve the look of your pitch, and stop shots for seasons to come.




  • 19ft x 6.6ft (2m x 5m)
  • Run Backs 0.6m top / 1.3m bottom
  • Made from 2.5mm twisted white Polyethylene. 120mm square mesh
  • Suits P Shape junior soccer goals
  • Sold as pair

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