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Eight reasons why Quin Sports & Nets are the ideal netting suppliers!

One of the best parts about Quin Sports & Nets is our holistic service, which extends from manufacturing, right through to maintenance and net repairs Adelaide. But there are eight other benefits we’d like to highlight:

  • Complete quality assurance: We oversee the entire process of production from end to end.
  • Service contracts: We offer service contracts on our systems to increase the life of your nets.
  • Warranty: We offer a three-year warranty on all manufactured indoor netting systems.
  • Years of experience: The Quin family is one of the most established names in industry.
  • Value for money: We manufacture at low prices, passing on the advantage of affordability.
  • Innovative technology: We use the most advanced technology on the market.
  • In-house production: The entire process of development is carried out by our own team.
  • Fast product turnaround: Our European netting machines can make nets five times faster than traditional hand-sewn nets.
Net Repairs Adelaide by Quin Sports & Nets

Meet the Director: Adam Quin

In addition to providing quality products, quick installation and net repairs Adelaide—people also look to Quin Sports & Nets for advice. That’s because our company is Directed by one of the most knowledgeable experts in the field: Adam Quin. Adam is the grandson of Hugh Quin, who founded Quin Sports in 1961. Adam has been exposed to evolving netting technology his entire career; which began at Quin Marine in 1985. He is often approached by engineers, architects, schools and sporting clubs for advice on how to optimise their netting systems to facilitate better sporting performance. As a result, Adam has contributed to the success of a number of high-profile projects Australia wide. However, our service isn’t limited, and we’ve travelled to work as far as USA, Mexico, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. Adam and the team will take fantastic care of you with our net repairs Adelaide!

Our products and net repairs Adelaide

While the core focus of our company is sporting equipment, we also supply a range of different netting systems—and maintain them with net repairs Adelaide. This includes:

  • Safety and debris netting: to catch falling people or debris on worksites for added safety.
  • Bird exclusion netting: preventing birds from lingering and nesting in public/work areas.
  • Water filtration netting: catching rubbish and debris that flows through waterways.
  • Architectural rigging: to provide security and protection on stairs and high platforms.
  • Landfill litter netting: prevent landfill from escaping in rough weather conditions.
  • Public shading: providing sun protection over playgrounds and other public facilities.
  • Shark exclusion netting: to prevent sharks and other predators from accessing areas.
  • Hay feed netting: to help you maintain feed, and regulate your horses eating habits.

Our net repairs Adelaide apply to all of these products, so contact us for any damage that might compromise the performance of your nets!

Whatever the project requirements might be, our team will collaborate with you to find the ideal solution. Contact us to learn more about our range or enquire about net repairs Adelaide today! You can reach us on (08) 8447 3577.